Product Details

Available for square, rectangle, or round downspout. Easy to use and a more cost effective solution to keeping your downspouts free of clogs, or even worse… the perimeter drain from clogging – any clogging of the drain around your house or building can be VERY expensive to repair or unclog.

We offer a clean out box that goes on the downspout at a comfortable level so that the home owner or grounds maintenance individual can clean out the boxes on the downspouts easily.

  • Can be added at a later date to most downpipe systems.

How it works:

The gutter is installed as high up on the fascia board as we can go, with a decent slope for the water to run out. It doesn’t take much for water to run and to be aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

Instead of having plastic or metal baskets at the outlet opening we instead put a bigger completely flush with the gutter outlet allowing all water and debris to flow down the downpipe. The debris is then caught in the clean out box before the water continues to flow down into the draining system.

Available in most colours shapes and sizes!

  • standard aluminum colors
  • other materials such as galvalume, copper
  • sizes include round, square, big and small

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