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Gutter Machine Services

Where innovation meets precision. Our cutting-edge machines are the heartbeat of seamless rainwater management, ensuring a perfect fit for every project. We service all makes and models of gutter machines, as well as sell the Ironman gutter machine.

Gutter machines

Gutter Machine Repair

Ed Huisman is a factory-trained gutter machine technician. Over the past 28 years, he has worked on every type of gutter machine, from the Newtech Machinery, Knudson, Watertight’s, Ironman’s, etc. He used to buy old machines and refurbish them completely. Over the years he has taken serval gutter machines completely apart and fully rebuilt them. As well as done gutter machine clinics in the prairies of Canada. Alu-rex has flown Ed back east for about 5 years to do gutter clinics and customer appreciation days partnered with Gentek Building supplies. Customers of Alu-rex and Gentek will bring their gutter machines to Gentek to be tuned up. Ed has seen every type of setup and knows what is popular in the different regions of Canada.

If you have a gutter machine that is not running the way it should, rest assured that Ed can most likely help you with the problem. Oftentimes times customers will fly Ed to their location to repair the machine. Or he sometimes drives to the locations, Other times the gutter machine is shipped to our shop to be worked on, depending on what is wrong with the machine.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on gutter machine repair services.

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7-5.

A man installs a half-round gutter onto the side of a house.A man installs a half-round gutter onto the side of a house.

Gutter Machine Provider

We deliver cutting-edge machines designed to revolutionize your rainwater management projects. Our commitment to precision and innovation ensures that you have the tools to create seamless gutters, tailored to your exact needs. Elevate your gutter game with our top-quality machinery and expert support. Your success is our priority.

We put great pride into what we do here at JB Gutterman Inc., and what we do for our clients. So please feel free to read as much as you want here online. However to serve you better, please feel free to contact us.

Things to Consider Before Contacting Us

  • Are you new in the gutter industry?
  • What kind of machine are you looking for?
  • What kind of material are you thinking about using?
  • What kind of a package are you thinking about purchasing?
  • Are you going to be coming to pick up your machine? Or are we shipping?

Pre-Delivery Gutter Machine Inspection

When we bring our machines in we completely go over the machine from start to finish, inside and out. This is called PDI – Pre-Delivery Inspection. This is just a second check precaution. Giving us and the client the peace of mind that everything is tight and correct. We run out some material to make sure we are happy with the way the product comes out of the machine. This is our form of a test drive before passing it onto our clients. After we perform our PDI on the equipment, we then start to package up the machine the way the client has ordered it with the requested accessories.

At JB Gutterman Inc. we have an open-door policy. This gives our clients the chance to come and watch us PDI the machine and assemble it the way they have ordered it. Giving you, the client the chance to come and meet us, ask any questions, and see how we do things here.

So feel free to come check us out. We enjoy visits from our clients. This also gives you the chance as a business owner to come on a little trip to beautiful Vancouver Island. A business transaction on vacation, which can also include gutter school. It is absolutely one of the best vacations!

Your Trusted Vancouver Island Gutter School

We offer Gutter School to all of our new gutter business owners. This is a priceless opportunity to come out to Vancouver Island to work alongside our installer.

Leasing Your Gutter Machine

Leasing your equipment or new small business set-up is sometimes the best option for many people. Some of the benefits include:

  • Tax write-off
  • Small capital outlay
  • Flexible terms available
  • Based on credit rating

Here’s how it works! You pick your term, 2-6 years, lease to own. First and last payment down and buy out is 10% or $10.00 depending on the term you choose.

You can pay while you work, no need for a large up-front payment. One job a month can cover your lease payment.

Financing is not done in house as your credit is none of our business. For this reason we use various brokers to find you the best rate available. We currently use a company called Priority Leasing. For more information, and to fill out an Equipment Leasing Application, please click the button below.


Please feel free to reach out to us for inquiries about financing options for our gutter machines.

We Support Our Gutter Business Clients

JB Gutterman Inc. is proud to offer ongoing support to all of their Gutter Business clients! You may be in business for yourself, but you can rest assured that you are never in business all by yourself. If you have questions about anything pertaining to your new gutter business, you can contact us for the answers you need to provide excellent service to your clients and grow your business.

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