Product Details

In copper we make our own corners, as our clients believe we make the nicest corners available on the market. The entire corner is soldered and becomes one piece with the gutter. We take a measurement of the corner and make the corner exactly to the degree needed so that it fits like a glove.

Example – If your 90 degree corner is not actually 90 degrees but rather 92 degrees … we will make it fit perfectly. 

They are made like a box corner and we hide the soldered connections to the rest of the gutter under the fascia bracket next to it. This gives the copper gutter a consistent flow of material. These corners are completely custom to your home/building.

These corners can also be ordered and shipped to long distance clients if you desire. We will walk you through the process of finding out your corner size and degree.
However for other materials such as aluminum and steel, strip miters are commonly used in the gutter industry. Strip miters are metal strips that go around the corner and folds over the top and into the lip.

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