Services Provided


JB Gutterman offers many  different options and custom project solutions. We supply and install 3 different profiles. 5" K-Style gutter, 6" K-Style gutter, and the pristine European style 6" half-round gutter.

Please note, we do not offer continuous fascia gutterinstead we recommend 6" K-style gutter, as it is a better over all gutter system. We offer a few different materials depending on your needs. Please click here to review available materials here

We serve all of Vancouver Island BC as well as any of the Canadian West Coast Islands. We work on site – supply and install, or provide drop off services on site to many different locations throughout western Canada. We also offer  supply and shipping services to our long distance clients. Sections of gutter in 5', 10' 15' lengths, along with all accessories.

5" K-style gutter: 5" across the top of the gutter, 3.62" deep, 3.25" across the the bottom. We offer this in continuous gutter in our immediate area. Serving the entire island. Available in aluminum, steel and 20 ounce copper. 

6" K-style gutter: 6"in. across the top, 4.62"in. deep, 4.25"in. across the bottom. We offer this gutter in our immediate area, as well as any of the west coast islands. Available in aluminum, and steel. 

6" Half-round gutter: Is a half circle resulting in 6" across the top. Please click here for more information.   Available in aluminum, galvalume, and 20 ounce copper. We offer this profile in 3 different services, and any in any location. We travel with this profile.

Services Provided

Supply and Install:

At JB Gutterman we are extremely particular about our work from start to finish.  We take great pride in our finished product, and happy customers. We offer a 2 year workmanship guaranteed warranty. There is a pro-rated life-time warranty through material suppliers.

We do not warranty mother nature :) however we keep good ol' mother nature in mind when doing our installs.

We do our best to make your gutter work as strong as we possibly can and stay within the budget you give us to work with. If you want your gutter system to be stronger we can always upgrade it. Please ask us how to upgrade the strength of your new gutter system. We will give you an expert recommendation based on our years of experience working with all different kinds of quality gutter installs and the budget you give us to work with.

We use state of the art supplies, such as high quality screws, caulking, or equipment. We always use compatible materials so electrolysis erosion does not take affect into any equation. We also water test our work. 

Drop Off Services:

Our machinery is equipped with their own trailers and power, allowing us to go every where and anywhere! 

Do you know how to hang the gutter? Perhaps you are a contractor with a client that wants half-round, or simply another gutter company?

We are more than happy to travel anywhere to supply and run out your gutter of choice to your job site for your custom lengths!!! That's right…. that 70 footer doesn't need to be pieced together sections! It can be run out and hung in one continuous length. We offer this service to any location with the choice of our 3 profiles and all materials.  

Please note – There are a few limitations on this service, please contact us to find out if this service is right for you. 

Supply and Shipping Options:

If you are thinking about ordering a shipment, then let us make it easy for you! We can discuss your needs and create a shipment order, or you can give us your shopping list and let us do all of the work for you. For items that we stock, we will ship your order right away. For items that we need to special order, your order will be shipped as soon as we receive the item(s).

For large orders, we work closely with Canadian Freightways. We have been working with them for 16 years and have an excellent relationship with them.  If your shipment is a smaller one, we also offer many other courier and postage systems.

We package our shipments in such a way that when your parcel arrives to you, it is in as good of condition as when your parcel left our shop. 

Payment Options: 

Cash, cheque, certified bank drafts and wire transfers, financing/leasing machinery. We do not take credit cards of any kind
  • From our local customers we accept all methods of payment. 

  • From our machinery customers we accept certified bank drafts, bank wire transfers, and we offer leasing options. 

  • From our long distance customers we accept certified bank drafts and bank wire transfers.

  • From contractors, large supply and installs and copper customers, we require a deposit of half down in the form of bank draft, bank wire transfer or cheque.