Starter Packages

Services Provided

JB Gutterman provides a unique opportunity for people to successfully start their own gutter installation business. We provide custom start up packages that include:

Steel Riser Pads

The riser pads we include in the starter package are steel frames for the gutter machines mounted in the trailers. Usually they are 8’ long for a 5” k-style machine, and 10’ for the ⅚ combo. Riser pads are frames for the machines to be bolted to and then are bolted to the trailer. This is done to bring the gutter machine up to a good working level when in a trailer. They are hollow on the inside for downpipe boxes to be protected and stored, and are approximately 1’ high.

Machine of Choice

Options are available for starter packages as well as a turn key business. Machinery, trailers, ball and hitch, riser pads, any gutter machine accessories, and any tools. Patterns if requested. Leasing options are available. Each gutter business starter package and turn key business package is 100% customized to fit the precise needs of the new Gutter Business owner.

Exclusive Hands-On Gutter School Training

We are VERY UNIQUE in that we offer Gutter School to all of our new gutter business owners. This is a priceless opportunity to come out to Vancouver Island, BC to work side-by-side with our installer.

We Support Our Clients

JB Gutterman is proud to offer ongoing support to all of their Gutter Business clients! You may be in business for yourself, but you can rest assured that you are never in business all by yourself. If you have questions about anything pertaining to your new gutter business, you can contact us for the answers you need to provide excellent service to your clients and grow your business.