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Leasing your equipment or new small business set-up is sometimes the best option for many people. Some of the benefits include:

  • Tax write-off
  • Small capital outlay
  • Flexible terms available
  • Based on credit rating

Here’s how it works! You pick your term, 2-6 years, lease to own. First and last payment down and buy out is 10% or $10.00 depending on the term you choose. 

You can pay while you work, no need for a large up-front payment. One job a month can cover your lease payment. 

Financing is not done in house as your credit is none of our business. For this reason we use various brokers to find you the best rate available. We currently use a company called Priority Leasing. For more information, and to fill out an Equipment Leasing Application, please click the button below.

Want More Information?

Please contact us if this is an option you are thinking would work well for you, or to get more information.