Gutter Sentry

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This gutter protection is made for new gutter being supplied and installed. In the .023 aluminum material, this product is 60% thicker than other gutter protection products on the market. Has hanger strength direct on the cover giving the strength of 1 hanger per 5 inches. (Regular gutter is installed with hangers every 12-18 inches)

  • Two surface ridges allow debris to sit higher on the surface – this allows the wind and weather to push the debris away from the guard and gutter so your system needs minimal maintenance.
  • The unique and patented “football” design allows gutter sentry to fit over and into the lip of most commonly used gutters easily and efficiently  The drainage holes within the “football” allow for continued drainage.
  • Gutter Sentry has the highest drainage of any gutter cover on the market today – with more, and better shaped holes per square inch in comparison to the leading competitors.
  • Available in Natural (tin-ish, silvery color), charcoal, black, and dark brown.

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Retro-fit for 5″ and 6″ Gutter:

This gutter protection system is made for existing gutter systems. Made by the same factory as Gutter Sentry, this is an excellent alternative gutter sentry.

Just like Gutter Sentry, the Retro-fit is substantially thicker than any other competitor on the market in its division. Nice and discreet but also strong and effective.
Retro-fit has surface ridges that allow debris to sit up higher with the edge of the gutter allowing the wind and weather to take debris away.
Using longer weather resistant screws we place this product on your existing gutter system and screw it into the hangers of the gutter – enough to hold the guard in place so it doesn’t take flight under high winds, but not screwing it down too much so it becomes ineffective.
  • Can be added to the system later on.
  • Available only in the natural color (silverfish tin type color)