Machinery_PDI JB Gutterman WS-1000 Wall & Soffit Panel Machine JB Gutterman Elbow Former (ELF) JB Gutterman Structural Roof Panel Machine (SRM)



When we bring our machines in we completely go over the machine from start to finish, inside and out. This is called PDI – Pre-Delivery Inspection. This is just a second check precaution. Giving us and the client the peace of mind that everything is tight and correct. 


We run out some material to make sure we are happy with the way the product comes out of the machine. This is our form of a test drive before passing it onto our clients. 


This PDI process is done on all machines including roof panel machines and elbow machines. 


After we PDI the equipment, we then start to package up the machine the way the client has ordered it with the requested accessories. 


At JB Gutterman we have an open door policy. This gives our clients the chance to come and watch us PDI the machine and assemble it the way they have ordered it.  Giving you, the client the chance to come and meet us, ask any questions, and see how we do things here. 


So feel free to come check us out. We enjoy visits from our clients. Also giving you the chance as a business owner to come on a little trip to beautiful Vancouver Island. A business transaction on vacation, which can also include gutter school. It is absolutely one of the best vacations!

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