Maintenance Accessories


6" Half-round JB Style Gutter Sentry Gutter Protection system: 
Finally a good working, solid, reliable, truthful gutter protection system for your half-round gutter – that actually fits!!!

This is not just a mesh that you put inside your gutter. This is a complete hanger system. compatible with the outside fascia brackets for half-round gutter….put the two together and you can't move that gutter even if you tried that's how strong it is.  ice?…no problem!

This product is discreet, effective, and strong!! not a trough within a trough, it has hanger style strength every 3" (The regular installed gutter, has hangers everything 14-18 inches apart.) More durable than any leading competitor gutter protection on the market for half-round gutter…..Hands down!

Aerodynamic so that the wind and weather actually takes the debris off. 

Gutter Sentry sits up level with the edge of the gutter and hooks into the lip of the half-round gutter. While the water drainage continues down so the water can still drain.

Available in natural or select aluminum colors and 16 ounce copper. This product is thicker in material, not clunky or big and bulky, but discreet.  Gutter Sentry is thicker in material more durable but also more discreet and works more efficiently in comparison to the millions of other gutter protection on the market.

JB Gutterman Inc. has time tested this theory over 24 years. We have had this product custom made for our company to offer to our customers and clients. Exclusively only available through JB Gutterman Inc.   

If you are another gutter company or contractor please find out more about gutter sentry for the 5" and 6" K-style profiles through your local Kaycan Building supplies throughout Canada. Or feel free to contact our office regarding any gutter guard questions you may have as we are experienced with many different kinds of guards and maintenance products.  

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Foam Filter:  Only Available for 6" Gutter Systems








Clean Out Boxes:

Available for square, rectangle, or round downspout. Easy to use and a more cost effective solution to keeping your downspouts free of clogs, or even worse… the perimeter drain from clogging – any clogging of the drain around your house or building can be VERY expensive to repair or unclog.

We offer a clean out box that goes on the downspout at a comfortable level so that the home owner or grounds maintenance individual can clean out the boxes on the downspouts easily.Can be added at a later date to most downpipe systems.


Strainers:  Only Available for 6" Gutter Systems

Strainers are recommended if the client chooses to add clean out boxes at a later time, and when there is no gutter protection or filter.