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JB Gutterman Inc has all the different options to satisfy your 6" half round gutter desires – from  continuous, to custom length sections or 10 foot sections. As well as water harvesting recommendations to high end copper and all accessories. Our extensive experience in the field has proven time and again that there is much more to installing beautiful half round gutter systems than just hopping up on a ladder and slapping it up on a roof. It is a true craft that requires the expertise of a master craftsman to make it look GREAT!
We have found that our clients are considering half round gutter because they want:

  • Durability
  • A historic look
  • An artistic look
  • Water harvesting benefits

Ed Huisman is considered to be a master craftsman in the half-round gutter industry. He designs and installs systems that are both functional and BEAUTIFUL! He is TRULY an artist. If problem solving is needed, Ed is the guy to contact. There are very few people who understand the ins and outs of half round gutter as well as he does. Ed and his highly trained crew always make sure the gutter is as strong and durable as possible, while preserving the absolute killer good looks of the materials they are working with.  Ed and his crew will do their best to get your installation done as quickly as possible. However, if they determine that extra time is needed to do the job right, they will work on your project until it is perfect! They are true craftsmen who take a great deal of pride in doing exceptional work!

We will ship 6 inch half round gutter anywhere in custom lengths or 10 foot sections. Gutter can be formed in aluminum, steel, galvalume, galvanized and copper.
Zinc and Rheinzink only come in 10 foot sections. 

Browse through our Materials and Services and Maintenance Accessories to see what JB Gutterman can do for you.

All of our solder copper is light tested in our shop, and water tested on the job site. 

Sourcing and installing rain chains is also a service we are more than happy to accommodate you with. 

Collecting and harvesting water has become increasingly more popular and we are dedicated to learn, as water is our passion!

Wedges available for slanted fascia boards in a variety of sizes. 

Please contact us for a free estimate or if you have any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you!

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