Product Profiles

JB Gutterman offers many  different options and custom project solutions. We supply and install 3 different profiles. 5" K-style gutter, 6" K-style gutter, and the pristine European style 6" half-round gutter. Please note, we do not offer continuous fascia gutter – instead we recommend 6" K-style gutter, as it is a better over all gutter system. We offer a few different materials depending on your needs. Please see the materials we work with by clicking HERE.

We serve all of Vancouver Island BC as well as any of the Canadian West Coast Islands. We work on site – supply and install, or provide drop off services on site to many different locations throughout western Canada. We also offer  supply and shipping services to our long distance clients. Sections of gutter in 5', 10' 15' lengths, along with all accessories.

Product Profiles:

5" K-style gutter: 5" across the top of the gutter, 3.62" deep, 3.25" across the the bottom. We offer this in continuous gutter in our immediate area. Serving the entire island. Available in all materials.


6" K-style gutter: 6" in. across the top, 5" in. deep, 3 7/8" in. across the bottom. We offer this gutter in our immediate area, as well as any of the west coast islands. Available in aluminum and steel. 


6" Half-round gutter: Is a half circle resulting in 6" across the top. Please click here for more information. Available in aluminum, galvalume, galvanized and 20 ounce copper.

Half Round Curl