Aluminum: Cost efficient material, available in a verity of colors. Enamel baked on paint. Natural resistance to corrosion and rust. We stock .023 and .027.   Available in 5" K-Style, 6" K-Style and 6" half-round gutter profiles and downspouts. 

  • Recommended in the half-round profile with Gutter Sentry for rain harvesting systems.

Steel: Available in a verity of colors.  It is a stronger more durable material. We recommend 26 gauge or 24 gauge – available in 5" K-Style, 6" K-Style and 6" half-round gutter.  

Galvalume: Available only in the natural color. (Silvery metallic "modern" color.) Galvalume is a patented steel sheet or coil, produced with an aluminum and zinc coating. It does not rust. It is strong and is used in lots of modern buildings for gutters, roofing, sidings, etc… This product also resists showing marks such as finger prints. It's available in various colors on specialty order, as well as downspouts and other gutter components.

  • Recommended in the half-round profile with open gutter,  and clean out boxes for rain harvesting systems. 

Galvanized: Available in the natural color (A more "tin-ish" type color in comparison to the galvalume) Is also used in alot of building materials. It is strong and rust resistant. Galvanized is commonly confused with galvalume or vise versa! Also available in various colors and zinc coatings containing compounds of  aluminum, and iron. This is a specialty order so the other components of your gutter system become a specialty order as well –  matching brackets end caps, downpipe, tile covers, etc. 

Copper: Is Beautiful :) Available in 20 ounce gutter, 18 ounce downpipes with welded seam, one end expanded for elbows fittings.  If you want European style pristine… this product is top of the line! "Go big or go home!" is our saying here at JB Gutterman Inc. Available in continuous supply and install or drop off services. 16 ounce copper gutter and downpipes are only available on special order. We only stock 20 ounce. Available in 5" K-Style gutter, and 6" Half-round gutter. Compatible downpipe sizes and shapes are available. Please contact us here if you are thinking about going copper. 

  • Copper can be used as a rain harvesting system as long as there is a special kind of filter before the water gets to your other harvesting systems.

Zinc: Modern, very durable, light wight. Only available in 10 foot sections. Starts out in a grey color and will patina to the blue with time. Available in 5" half-round gutter, and soon we will be offering 6" half-round as well.

Rheinzink: Currently only available in 22 gauge thickness in comparison to steel. and only available in 10 foot sections. Rheinzink is a zinc pre-patina coating. Available in 5" half-round and 6" half-round gutter.