About Us

In the late 1980’s Ed Huisman started JB Gutterman as a more of an exterior business. We did siding soffit and gutter. After a few years we learned that the gutter is where its at!  He had met Karl Minor several times, and each time they discussed Ed becoming a factory trained technician and distributor of KWM Gutter Machines.
In 1995 Ed and Verna decided to take the plunge into the next part of their business, taking the machine division on. Refurbishing machines and selling a few new ones each year was the goal. Ed went to the factory many times for a week or two at a time to learn the machines. Along with lots of studying he got the niche of it all. 
After some time, technology took the market for a new spin on things. With the machines with the polyurethane rubber rollers, soon out sold any of the older machines. At this time in history the markets of the world was doing really well, and it was nearly the same to buy a new machine as it was to buy an old refurbished machine.  We quickly moved into basically selling only new machinery and fixing the older machines as owners needed tune ups. 
Next in the line-up of history came the half-round gutter. We purchased the machine to do the 6” half-round gutter. Along with all the tools and equipment. Next Ed had to learn how to do this special kind of gutter. 
He flew to San Diego and stayed there for one week learning hands on how to do copper installs of gutter on houses. 
Ed Huisman is a master at his trade and niche. 
Verna Huisman works along side of Ed.  They work strongly together, not only as a family but as business partners. They learn and grow together, and without each other they wouldn’t be where they are today or where they will be in the future.
Verna has been by Ed’s side from the start. 
In Dedication to not only a business working relationship but  also to a close friendship with the KWM team. 
Karl Minor passed away in December 2012. His expertise, spirit, and work ethic will continue to live on at JB Gutterman and KWM, and in the minds and hearts of all who knew him. We will miss his visits to the island, and to our shop. May he rest in peace. 
* Sincerely The JB Gutterman Team